Trump Described As Mob Boss Who Is Retaliating Against Republicans Who Didn’t Support Coup

Instead of leaving after losing, Trump has turned the Republican Party into a crime family structure where he is the mob boss attacking those who defended democracy.

CNN reported:

Trump has also had conversations in recent weeks with MAGA-aligned Republicans who are considering challenging GOP governors with whom he has grown disillusioned. The former President urged former Georgia Sen. David Perdue to run against incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp, who resisted Trump’s efforts to overturn his narrow 2020 loss in the state to then-candidate Joe Biden.


Ex-presidents usually leave the limelight after leaving office, refraining from inserting themselves in their party primaries. But a person close to Trump likened the former President to the mob patriarch Vito Corleone in the “The Godfather” movie for his efforts to retaliate against Republicans who criticized him for inciting the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol or for voting to pass Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan. Trump has been “pulling strings behind the scenes and guiding candidates in the right direction,” this person said.

The Republican Party Has Been Destroyed By Trump

America no longer has two political parties. There is the pro-democracy Democratic Party, and there is the authoritarian cult of personality Trump party.

Anyone who thought that Trump would go away or fade from the scene after he lost had not been paying attention for the last six years. The Republican Party had a chance to boot Trump, but they were too weak, and the natural right-wing impulse toward authoritarianism was too strong to resist Trump.

Trump is running the Republican Party.

The media needs to understand what the Republican Party has become and stop treating it like it is a  normal party. Trump is trying to clean out the people who opposed his coup so that when he tries the same overthrow again in 2024, there won’t be anyone left within the Republican Party to stop him.

Trump is acting like a mob boss, and that is the exact way that prosecutors should take him down.


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