San Mateo sheriff credits community for move ending ICE collaboration

Bolanos said in the statement that it had “become apparent” to him that agreeing to ICE’s transfer requests was “undermining the trust we need to protect the community. It simply is not worth losing the trust of many members of the public by continuing to process these requests from ICE. Our policy is now consistent with other Bay Area counties.”

The sheriff said the policy change “is being made after we heard from hundreds of residents who shared their perspective on how we will all be safer when the entire community understands the Sheriff’s Office is here to protect the public, not enforce immigration laws.” Research has already shown that contrary to right-wing lies, so-called “sanctuary city” policies do not make localities more dangerous.

The sheriff’s office said that if ICE officials truly believe an immigrant does need to be held, they can obtain a judicial warrant. Side note, we also know ICE has a history of lying about signed warrants.

The policy change “has been a decade in the making,” tweeted San Mateo County Coalition for Immigrant Rights. “For the past 4 years, the county has been required to hold public TRUTH Act forums bc of its ties with ICE. And every year, directly impacted community leaders spoke up and were joined by faith communities, educators, attorneys, activists, & residents across the county.”


“Sheriff Bolanos’ announcement to end collaboration w/ICE was years in the making, overdue, & reflects a hopeful direction in County leadership to adopt humane and inclusive policies for all residents, including our immigrant families and communities,” San Mateo County Coalition for Immigrant Rights continued. “Looking forward, the Board of Supervisors has the opportunity to make a countywide commitment to pass an ordinance to ensure no further county resources are used to tear apart immigrant families. We also look forward to seeing the Sheriff’s policy in writing.”

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