Republicans are desperate to believe 2020 was ‘stolen’ from Trump. Nothing will dissuade them

A Donald Trump supporter waits for the start of a Trump campaign rally on Nov. 4, 2019 in Lexington, Kentucky.

One way or the other, GOP voters are determined to believe the 2020 election was stolen no matter what the facts are. As a recent Monmouth University poll found, “Nearly 3 in 4 Republicans (73%) cling to the idea that Biden won through fraud,” while about one-third of the American public holds that belief.

Those findings generally reflect the results of other polls asking about 2020 fraud, but the Monmouth survey also asked a question that demonstrated just how deep and stubborn those GOP delusions are.

Regarding Arizona’s sham “audit” of the state’s 2020 results released in September, 57% of Americans accepted the results of the review, correctly saying it had either concluded Joe Biden won Arizona fairly (36%) or saying they weren’t sure about the report but guessed it found Biden the winner (21%).

But when it came to Republicans, 62% misstated the results of the sham audit, with 32% saying the so-called audit found evidence of fraud and 30% saying it probably found fraud, when in fact the report located no 2020 fraud.

So even when a sham process initiated by GOP lawmakers, promoted by Donald Trump, and conducted by pro-Trump sympathizers finds no fraud, a substantial majority of Republicans reject and distort the findings.

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