Majority of Republicans want a Trump 2024 run, but he’s practically toxic to everyone else

Not surprisingly, 94% of Democrats want Trump to take along walk off a short pier. And among all respondents, just 28% wish Trump would run again while 71% hope he doesn’t.

A Democrat’s perception of whether those data are good news or bad news comes down to whether one wants to face Trump again in the 2024 general election.

As anti-Trump Republican Sarah Longwell tweeted, “It’s bad news. 60% of Republicans actively want Trump to run in 2024. He wins the nomination in a walk. And what are the chances he doesn’t take that opportunity?”

Zero chances, if he’s still alive.

However, if you’re a Democrat and like the odds of running against someone who divides Republican voters and alienates nearly three-quarters of independents, then maybe you don’t mind the idea of Trump throwing his hat in the ring again.

Win or lose, Trump is a curse on America. His White House tenure was horrific, and the nation is still digging out from under it. But his 2020 loss was arguably equally as harmful to U.S. democracy as his four years in the Oval Office were. Trump’s delusional fraud claims and his cultists’ unquestioning embrace of them will haunt us for years, if not decades. 

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