Jon Gosselin Recovering From Venomous Spider Bite

Jon Gosselin had a big health scare just before the Thanksgiving holiday and amid a harrowing year.

The 44-year-old former reality star told the U.K. newspaper The Sun in comments posted on Friday, Nov. 26, that following a recent weekend of DJing, he was treated at a hospital after being bitten by a poisonous spider while sleeping in bed.

“It was my first real single weekend. I was totally ready to open up and meet new people and start fresh,” said Jon, who announced his breakup from girlfriend Colleen Conrad in August. “But I woke after a night of music and fun and went to stand up only to fall back down on the bed. I was in excruciating pain.”

He continued, “When I looked at my leg I realized it was twice the size and there’s a red-looking blister with a large red circle around it. It kind of looked like a cigarette burn, but really raised.”

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