Adam Schiff Confirms That The 1/6 Committee Is Investigating Trump

1/6 Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) confirmed that the committee is investigating Trump’s role in all phases of the Capitol attack.

Full video of Rep. Schiff on CNN’s State Of The Union:

DANA BASH: So, have you found any evidence at all at this point that Donald Trump knew of plans for violence at the Capitol that day?

SCHIFF: Dana, I can’t go into the evidence that we have gathered.

But I will say this. I think among the most important questions that we’re investigating is the complete role of the former president. That is, what did he know in advance about the propensity for violence that day? Was this essentially the backup plan for the failed litigation around the country? Was this something that was anticipated?

How was it funded? What did the funders know about what was likely to happen that day? And what was the president’s response as the attack was going on, as his own vice president was being threatened?

I think among the most — the broadest category of unknowns are those surrounding the former president. And we are determined to get answers. But, at this point, I am not in a position to indicate what we know yet.

BASH: You don’t want to indicate what you know, but can you tell us if you know things? (LAUGHTER)

BASH: Are there things to know?

SCHIFF: You know, I really let the committee — I let the committee speak through our chairman and through our communications team. So I don’t want to get ahead of the committee.

The 1/6 Committee Is Following The Trail To Trump

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Everything related to the coup comes back to one person. The various threads of the 1/6 attack from the rally planning to the speech to the attack on the Capitol all connect to Trump.

The reason why Republicans are trying so hard to stonewall the committee is that a full investigation will likely that Trump was the hub of the coup wheel, and the spokes were several Republican members of Congress.

As Trump and his family continue to try to incite violence and unrest, the 1/6 Committee looks to be closing in on them.

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